Yuni Yoshida is an artist whose works are hand-crafted with a deep love of detail and a unique human touch stemming from a belief to, “BELIEVE IN BEAUTY.”

SHISEIDO’s commitment to craftsmanship also stems from this shared belief which has driven our history of innovation and passion for developing high-quality products that resonate with our customers to enrich their daily lives.

Yuni Yoshida Behind The Scene

More Than Over 25 Million Units Sold


We believe that our products should always evolve synchronously with the needs of our customers and the current generation.
Backed by SHISEIDO’s 100+ years of skin research, ULTIMUNE has been constantly evolving since its launch in 2014 and will endeavor to continue on this evolutionary journey in the future.
*Cumulative number of units sold worldwide for all ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate series since its launch in 2014 (as of December 2023 according to SHISEIDO research).

30+ Years of Skin Barrier Research


We believe that beauty is not just about the skin’s surface, but is something that can be achieved from within.
Over 30 years in skin barrier research, SHISEIDO has been continuously committed to its focus on the vitality of skin. Dedicated and driven, some researchers even conduct experiments utilzing their own skin as samples to further investigate the mechanism and science of skin.

6,750 Combinations


We believe that we are able to offer efficacy through a high quality formula, developed through a complex, multi-step testing process and about 6,750 combinations of ingredients.
Years of dedicated research and diverse variations of ingredients enables the synergetic effect of each ingredient used in ULTIMUNE.

500+ Prototypes


We believe the importance of its texture allows it to be compatible regardless of a customer’s skin type, gender and age.
In the pursuit of compatibility for all skin types, 500+ prototypes of ULTIMUNE were created to ensure the greatest textural formula. Additionally, the research team’s process even includes licking the formula to examine the safety and sensorial qualities, including its signature rich-yet-non-sticky texture.

2,000 Measurements


We believe that delivering ULTIMUNE’s great sensorial quality should be meticulously evaluated by both humans and science.
The panel of professionals with the utmost standard of verification consists of experts in: color intensity, saturation, scent fragrance and touch. In addition to the experts, the sensorial experience is also evaluated mechanically through an instrument, developed by SHISEIDO, which mimics hand movements used by customers to perform an impressive 2,000 measurements per second.

99.97% Hygiene Control


We believe that high-quality products can only be achieved in an environment of the utmost standard in hygiene control.
In production facilities, air purification is an essential element of hygiene control and maintenance. Manufacturing is performed in an environment where pollen, viruses, mites and dust are hygienically removed with high-performance filters that can catch particles as small as 0.0003 mm in diameter with an accuracy of 99.97%.

200 Inspecting “Eyes”


We believe that high-quality products can only be created when they have passed through numerous tests and perspectives.
In the manufacturing process of ULTIMUNE, controlled, high-quality inspections begin at the very first stage when the raw materials arrive, to the very last stage of product shipment. The inspections are conducted through a unique combination of 200+ “human eyes” as well as, “machine eyes”.

95% of Plastic Waste Reduced


We believe that embracing your beauty empowers you, inspires those around you and ultimately leads to a better, more beautiful world.
We strive to ensure the sustainability of such a world through our innovations.
We produce refills, reducing plastic disposal by 95%*.
*Compared to the regular product.

Sold in 88 countries and regions


We believe that beauty is a power that we all share, regardless of our age, where we live, or the color of our skin.
This is why UTLIMUNE continues to focus on the power of skin and the power of beauty in all people. It has been sold across 88 countries and regions combined.